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August 4, 2011

Web Art Final Project: Quiet Inspirations

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It’s nearly two in the morning and my portfolio site is ready to present for morning critique, on our last day of Web Art I. I like the overall feel of the site and am thankful that I can update it with other portfolio pieces. Watercolor paintings, carvings, jewelry, and video projects can be added later. I also plan to work on branding for Quiet Inspirations so I’ll have a site logo.

July 27, 2011

Web Art Project 3: Flamingo Feathers

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I’m working on “Flamingo Feathers,” a digital flipbook created from a short story I wrote a few years ago. It’s a work in progress. Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, InDesign, Flash, Dreamweaver, and Cyberduck are the software programs that it takes to publish a digital book.

Digital Photograph

Digital Watercolor

July 24, 2011

Digital Watercolor

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This is an experiment based on Vitaly Shchukin’s digital watercolor tutorial. I used a bevel and emboss imported texture instead of Splat’s resurface plug-in. The Photoshop process is 62 steps, so it takes awhile. I could probably paint just as quickly, but I prefer the flexibility of adjusting the digital image, as many times as I choose.

hatchling photo

Digital Photograph

turtle digital watercolor

Digital Watercolor

The Yacht

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The yacht

Vitaly Shchukin‘s digital watercolor

Art Revealed on the BBC

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Contemplating Project 3

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Two weeks are left in the semester. For me, that’s one week for Project 3 and one week to complete a portfolio website.

I like the idea of integrating audio, video, Web links, and images with my stories. I researched ways of creating digital watercolors from my photos, making an InDesign flipbook with a font from my handwriting, and integrating sound files that have been ripped from my beach videos. A digital book with user turned pages may work better for “Hatchling Run” than the current portfolio category.

July 23, 2011


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Web Art Project 2: Hatchling Run

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I’ve learned about creating a website from a flash template, coding an xml content page, updating html in Dreamweaver, changing action script in Flash for site swf movies, selecting a host site, creating ftp accounts, purchasing a domain name, Cyberduck uploads, search engine optimization, and online critiques. That’s a lot of territory to cover in two weeks! This condensed summer class will make fall’s Web Art II feel like there’s breathing time—or at least, time to sleep more than three hours!!


July 6, 2011

Net Art

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I believe Net Art is personal artistic expression that incorporates the Internet. Whether the specific outcomes are accidental or intentional, they are DuChampian in that it’s art if the artist says it is. The broader definition of net art can include any aspect of Internet use. That may include browsers, social networks, chat, search engines, data, robotic control, interactivity, telepresence, image retrieval, image manipulation, and tracking cookies. Below are three examples of Net Art.

MW2MW, Marek Walczak and Martin Wattenberg, created Noplace, a Net Art project that focused on notions of Paradise and Utopia. The artists mined public resources with Web software and solicited public participation in their 2008 project.

Scott Draves founded the collaborative abstract artwork, Electric Sheep. Sleeping computers communicate over the world to create collective dreamlike images.

Peter Luining creates audiovisual interactive artworks, some of which allow users to interact with other people who are online at the same time. Zumb 8*6 is an interactive flash movie with sound.

What I hope to achieve in Web Art I:

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1. I hope to create a professional Web presence that includes a logo or wordmark, and an online portfolio.

2. I have little experience with Web art so want to learn the latest trends for artistic expression on the Web.

3. My Vimeo and YouTube conversions are sometimes squished or stretched, so I would like to become more adept at video output dimensions from Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, and Media Converter.

4. Databending and datamoshing were intriguing Video Art concepts that I would like to explore more.

5. I’m enamored with video mapping and hope to integrate those techniques into Web art projects.

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