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October 18, 2010

Visual Thinking

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Another of my Spring 2010 classes was an experience in Visual Thinking. We began with Illustrator design assignments and ended with a more polished print project.  The initial squares were arranged to convey a descriptive word.





Then there was the design created from the letters of my name. I attempted to conceptualize a scene from outer space.

Letters of My Name

There were two assignments that involved a self-portrait. The first was an exercise in using Illustrator’s pen tool to trace a photo and the second assignment was to affect a scanned image in Photoshop. I used the Illustrator line drawing as one of the Photoshop layers—to simulate the pencil sketch of a watercolor painting.

Drawing in Illustrator

Digital Watercolor

Photoshop Layers Palette

2012 Max Bill Calendar

Max Bill Home Page

Max Bill Biography Page

Choosing a graphic designer and presenting his work was the beginning of a multi-faceted project. We studied the designer; created a printed work that was, conceptually, in the designer’s style; and then posted Dreamweaver Web pages that also followed our selected designer’s style. I chose Max Bill.

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