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December 12, 2011

Type with Intent

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We met this afternoon for our final Typography I class. These are the last of my assignments. The goal was to create a specified effect with type. The 3-D experiment used Illustrator’s extrude feature to imitate a layout I created in Google Sketchup.

typography layout that demonstrates contrast

Contrast in Type

typography layout that demonstrates texture

Texture in Type

typography layout that demonstrates rhythm

Rhythm in Type

typography layout that explores the extrude feature in Illustrator

Extrusion Exploration

December 7, 2011

Typography Journal

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Printed pages in a hardbound journal completed the semester’s typography class.

Journal Title Page with Gestalt lettering "TYPE"

Journal Title Page

Typography Journal

November 7, 2011

Exploring the Grid

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Our Typography assignment was to explore different ways of conveying the same information. Each design was created within the framework of assignment limitations and with a specific grid guide.

flyer in one size of Helvetica type

12-point Helvetica

flyer on a black background with red accents and two sizes of type

Two Sizes of Helvetica Type

various sizes of Helvetica type create the illusion of Denver's Performing Arts Center

Helvetica Structure

October 19, 2011

Constructing a Cube

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Our typography assignment was to construct a 4″ cube that expressed the idea of a single word from a list of twelve choices. I chose the word, “imply.” I used Gestalt principles that consider the viewer’s ability to mentally fill gaps left by negative spaces. With only a few strokes, dots, or broken lines, the word is implied. Positive and negative shapes also imply my daughter’s silhouette.

The three digital images are of a practice cube. I experimented with cutting out shapes and lining the cube with red paper. I used that idea for the final iteration. The project print file was printed on gloss photo paper.

Front View of a Cube

Front View

Top View of a Cube

Top View

Bottom View of a Cube

Bottom View

page that was sent to the printer

Print File

The work "imply" is integrated into a wordmark


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