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December 16, 2010

Metal Container

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My son and I snorkeled in Okinawa a couple of years ago. I really liked looking through the mask when half of the face plate was above the water line and half was below it. That was the initial image I used as inspiration for my copper container project. Most of my classmates created a box with a lid but I decided to make a small drawer in an oval frame to emphasize the negative space. The drawer and formed whale tail are balanced so the oval container rocks back and forth. The etched patterns are abstractions of fishing nets and orchids—a reference to the Japanese practice of harvesting humpback whales. There was a harpoon in the original design that I decided to delete from the final piece.

Copper Container

Open Drawer

November 26, 2010

Abstract Whale Pendant

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In Jewelry and Metalsmithing, I wanted to create a pendant that incorporated curves similar to those of the earlier copper cuff bracelet. The abstract whale has a hammered sterling silver back, copper front, and a lapis lazuli bezeled blowhole. The pendant currently hangs in the art building display case.

Abstract Whale Pendant

The whale theme will carry over to the next project—forming a metal container.

October 11, 2010

Jewelry Design and Metalsmithing

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I’ve spent the first half of the semester studying Art History of the 20th and 21st Centuries, Color Theory, and Metalsmithing. All three classes provide learning opportunities and their challenges. Art History PowerPoints have been converted to .pdf files so I can study slides with my iPod touch—on the go. A Livescribe pen records the lectures as I take three hours of notes each week; the audio files hitch a ride on the iPod, too.

Our first Jewelry Design and Metalsmithing assignment was to create a grayscale collage and then list twenty words that were inspired by the collage. I created a digital collage with images of ink—ink in water, dripped on paper, air brushed over templates, pressed on with cardboard, and ink rings made with cups. I was trying to achieve the feel of looking through a warehouse window. Some of my descriptive words were: dissolve, mysterious, and mist.

Images of Ink: a digital collage

I was surprised by how much I enjoy annealing metals with a torch and creating intricate shapes with a jeweler’s saw. This is my first cuff bracelet—in progress—that is an interpretation of ocean waves. I’m also working on forming a silver ring from a strip of sterling. We’re practicing various solder joints, too. After weeks of learning with NO power tools, I certainly appreciate a new Foredom flex shaft and the metalworking lab’s belt sander!

Copper Cuff Bracelet—hand sawed and sanded

The top of the bracelet fits onto the top of the wrist.

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