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October 12, 2010

Constructing the Digital Image

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There are several assignments from my Spring 2010 class that were opportunities to explore the world of digital images. The primary software was Photoshop and the images were my photos.

There are four 16″ gallery wrapped canvas prints. The intention was to create texture from images of water—clouds, surf foam, beach sand, and a river splash. I selected complementary colors in the Okinawan surf and Daytona sunrise, so the pieces that were hung together would have visual impact.

Another assignment was to design postcards and mail them to our instructor, Natascha Seideneck. I used clear envelopes and custom stamps to mail my water bird cards. The cut-out shapes in the cover textures were from a Visual Thinking design assignment. The digital watercolor Photoshop effect was also explored in Visual Thinking.

Creating a virtual gallery was a challenge in photo editing, perspective, and lighting. I took photos during a class fieldtrip to RedLine Gallery. The gallery artworks were digitally taken off the walls and my virtual gallery images were inserted into the clean digital space. The virtual experience begins with the gallery entrance and concludes with the metalwork statue outside the door. The virtual fine art photography exhibit includes a walk through time with landscape photographers, Ansel Adams, Christopher Burkett, John Fielder, and me. My four digital images are posted separately, after the virtual show.

Egret Stamp

Egret Card Cover

Inside Egret Card

Blue Heron Card Cover

Inside Blue Heron Card

Seagull Card Cover

Inside Seagull Card

Laughing Gull Card Cover

Inside Laughing Gull Card

Pelican Card Cover

Inside Pelican Card

Gallery Entrance

RedLine Sign

Sales Case

Curator's Statement

Introduction Wall

Ansel Adams Images

John Fielder Images

John Fielder's Winter Sunrise

Christopher Burkett Images

Mia Woody's Images

Rainbow Lake

Aspen Leaves

Trees of Gold

Colorado Colors

RedLine Door

Outdoor Sculpture

Leaving the Gallery

Exhibit Announcement

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