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April 26, 2014


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Inside the jurors’ assembly room of Denver’s Lindsey-Flanigan Courthouse is Catherine Widgery‘s public art sculpture, Cloudbreak. Over 12,500 glass cylinders and 25 glass panels create a colorful cloudscape that appears to push into the room from the outside. Since the artwork was designed for viewing from both the inside and the outside (with installed backlighting) of the courthouse, I’m writing a Critical Issues in Public Art research paper about Cloudbreak‘s public access, with respect to J├╝rgen Habermas’s and Michael Warner’s concepts of a public. This may be the final research paper for my BFA degree!

glass tubes project from a painted background of analogous  blues

glass tubes project from a painted background of warm and cool colors

glass tubes from the floor to the ceiling are varying lengths and diameters

interior perspective of the 14' x 41'  x 1.5' sculpture

silver art identification plaque

eastern face of the Lindsey Flannigan Courthouse

April 12, 2014

Spring Break in Washington, D.C.

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view of the Lincoln Memeorial from the base of the steps

Washington Monument and the reflection pool

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Funeral procession in the distance with horses, wagon, flagged-draped coffin, and soldiers

Lincoln Memorial photo of Lincoln seated beneath one of his quotes

View of Washington Monument from the Lincoln Memorial columns

Arlington National Cemetery memorial amphitheater

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