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December 10, 2013

Deconstructed Face

Filed under: Spatial Media I — Mia @ 3:20 pm



layers of acrylic are mounted to display the inner workings of an LED project.

four layers are mounted on an acrylic base: arduino, acrylic grid, vinyl mask, and two-way mirror. The front of the frame has a molded acrylic face in it.

An Arduino micro-controller, breadboard,  strip LEDs,  a barrel plug power adapter, and Ping sensor connections are mounted on a clear acrylic panel.

This Spatial Media I project reveals the inner workings of previous designs and was inspired by Damián Ortega‘s disassembled 35mm Olympus camera. Olympus, 2009s twenty-six plastic sheets display camera parts in a horizontal line. For my project, a half-inch acrylic plate supports the layers: thermo-formed acrylic face, two-way acrylic mirror, vinyl mask that allows limited LED light to pass, laser-cut acrylic grid (in the shape of a brain) that traps light, and an electronics panel. The micro-controller, breadboard, neopixel LEDs, Ping))) connections, and power adapter fit on a clear acrylic sheet. Laser-cut holes provide a place to mount the Arduino and pass a barrel plug.

Individually addressable LEDS are controlled by an Arduino Uno micro-controller. Twenty-eight LEDs flash brighter and faster as viewers approach Ping))), a sonar proximity detector. The red, green, and blue color channels are programmed to fire randomly (0–254) and simulate brain neurons. Full-power flashes that are five milliseconds apart indicate agitation if the frame’s “personal space” is violated.

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