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May 16, 2013

Eye Robot

Filed under: Electronics and Experimental Systems — Mia @ 7:04 pm

Mac G5 computer parts that processed images, videos, and music programs since 2004 are now components of an Electronics and Experimental Systems assignment, “Into the Uncanny Valley.” This is information from our assignment:

“The uncanny valley draws on the philosophy of the uncanny that was first made popular by Sigmund Freud in his 1919 essay Das Unheimliche, where he proposes that the uncanny is not something wholly uknown or alien but rather is something that is strangely familiar.

In electromechanically driven kinetic art, there is often a tendency to react to the work much in the way that one would react to the uncanny—whether because of how it moves, in the motor and mechanism chosen, or why it moves, in the data-driven, sensor-based interactivity, or other programmatic behaviors.”

I plan to build on this project for my Senior Thesis and May, 2014 gallery installation. I would like to add a vertical component to the eye movement and a pair of eyelids. Each portion of the project worked well (servo and linkage for horizontal movement, servo and linkage for vertical movement, and solenoid to blink eyelids) but combining the hardware and C++ code was problematic. Over the summer, I’m learning C++ and working on a way to fit eyelids over moving clevis connections.


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