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January 28, 2013

Electronics and Experimental Systems

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Spring Semester brings new challenges and, so far, lots of fun. During the first week of class, I learned about MaKey MaKey, a circuit board created by Jay Silver and Eric Rosenbaum, when they were MIT Ph.D. students. With the arduino-based board, a single USB connection, and some alligator-clipped wires, anything conductive can operate a computer keyboard. Here’s a video of Beau Silver, Jay’s brother, who is a Stanford Master’s student and creator of the Bananamaphone: 


For a class group project, “Mary Had a Little Lamb” will be played on lamb chops. No, I’m not touching the chops, but I’ve learned to use the software, Soundplant 39, to add a lamb bleat to the tune that classmates will play. Soundplant allows computer keys to play a sound file. Music notes and the lamb audio file were adjusted and clipped in Final Cut Studio. Using Arduino C++ coding, an anti-static wrist strap, and some speakers, Tuesday’s project is coming together. This is a screen capture of Soundplant on a blacked-out laptop screen. I created a black desktop image, replaced blue desktop folders with black ones, hid the dock, and used Menu Eclipse 2 to darken the menu bar and eliminate desktop distractions.

screen shot of the Soundplant  software interface

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