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December 12, 2011

Type with Intent

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We met this afternoon for our final Typography I class. These are the last of my assignments. The goal was to create a specified effect with type. The 3-D experiment used Illustrator’s extrude feature to imitate a layout I created in Google Sketchup.

typography layout that demonstrates contrast

Contrast in Type

typography layout that demonstrates texture

Texture in Type

typography layout that demonstrates rhythm

Rhythm in Type

typography layout that explores the extrude feature in Illustrator

Extrusion Exploration

Counting Down

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Three days from now, our class gallery exhibition begins. This is the preliminary set-up as I work on the book that will be placed on the music stand. The orchestra light is the support for the webcam, and the installation workstation will be covered by a sheer curtain that diffuses the lamp light and is blown by the fan.

shelves with computer, speakers, projector, fan, light, and power switches

Preliminary Setup

webcam attached to orchestra light

Orchestra Light and Webcam

power switches mounted to a black board

Arduino and Power Switch Board

December 8, 2011

Ink in Water Gifs

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March 22, 2011 Solidarit├ęs International rolled out a campaign on World Water Day. I made three gifs from their campaign video.

ink bleeding into wet paper

ink bleeding into water that is in the shape of two birds

water on paper is the outline of a face; then ink is dropped into the water

December 7, 2011

Typography Journal

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Printed pages in a hardbound journal completed the semester’s typography class.

Journal Title Page with Gestalt lettering "TYPE"

Journal Title Page

Typography Journal

Illustrator Gif

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time lapse drawing of flowers on a blue background

Illustrator Flowers

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