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November 23, 2011

Google SketchUp

Filed under: Web Art II — Mia @ 2:25 am

This is my first experience with the free software, Google SketchUp. I first read about the program when I was researching options for our class Google Speed Show. SketchUp animation files can be exported as movie files and maintain their transparency when imported into Final Cut Pro. I think SketchUp could be a tool for making 3-D text introductions for future video projects. For now, I’m using the 3-D text as a template for a typography assignment.

November 7, 2011

Exploring the Grid

Filed under: Typography I — Mia @ 8:00 pm

Our Typography assignment was to explore different ways of conveying the same information. Each design was created within the framework of assignment limitations and with a specific grid guide.

flyer in one size of Helvetica type

12-point Helvetica

flyer on a black background with red accents and two sizes of type

Two Sizes of Helvetica Type

various sizes of Helvetica type create the illusion of Denver's Performing Arts Center

Helvetica Structure

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