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September 11, 2011

Raptor Portraits

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Golden Eagle Portrait

Golden Eagle

Portrait of a Swainson's Hawk

Swainson's Hawk

Great Horned Owl Portrait

Looking at an Owl Tongue

Golden Eagle portrait

Eagle Eyes

Portrait of a Red-Tailed Hawk

Red-Tailed Hawk

Portrait of a Great Horned Owl

Great Horned Owl

September 4, 2011

Max Vizzie Modules

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We just completed the second week of Interactive Multimedia Art and, already, our projects are exciting. In the software program, Max MSP, we used Vizzie modules to create a video mixer. The “FOLLOWR” module sends data from an audio file to affect a video “XFADR,” so the final output pulses with the music. The audio track is from a previous Color Theory assignment and contains the song, “Autumn,” by Per-Olev Kindren.

The critique presentation was projected while I used the computer control panel to adjust the projected video. Since then, I have added loading objects to preload videos and set sliders with saved presets, for a more automated video mixer. The YouTube video is a behind-the-scenes Camtasia screen capture of the mixer control panel.

Screenshot of a video mix Max patcher

Vizzie Modules with Preset Sliders

Signature in Lights

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In fall semester’s Interactive Multimedia Art class, we’re learning the basics of programming with Max MSP software. Signature in Lights is a series of colored buttons and delay objects, with their associated patch cords. As you can see, keeping track of input and output connections can be a challenge. In the case of setting three hex colors for each of a hundred buttons, the process takes some patience, too.

screenshot of Max MSP patcher for animated signature

Signature Max Patcher

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