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August 27, 2011

Chihuly Glass Sculpture

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The Oklahoma City Museum of Art has a beautiful Dale Chihuly glass sculpture that reflects into an indoor pool. This is a photo I took during the break between summer and fall semesters, on the record-setting fiftieth day in a row of temperatures over 100 degrees.

Dale Chihuly glass sculpture

Five-story Chihuly Sculpture

Rocky Mountain Airshow

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The Rocky Mountain Airshow and fireworks were a hit last night. The rain didn’t keep crowds from pouring onto the tarmac.

Reflection of the airshow in a Cirrus Vision SF50 wing

Cirrus Vision SF50 Wing

Plane Landing on the Runway

Runway Panning

Flying plane with smoke behind it


Propellor plane flying at sunset

Sunset Flight

Red Star plane formation in mountain sunset sky

Red Stars Formation at Sunset

Fireworks in the night sky

Starburst Finale

August 9, 2011

Denver Zoo

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With summer semester behind me, there was time for a morning at the Denver Zoo. These are some of my digital images.

Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard

Resting Cheetah

Resting Cheetah

Giraffe Curiosity

Giraffe Curiosity

Summer Dusting: Elephant Throws Dust on its Back

Summer Dusting

Polar Bear Play

Polar Bear Play

Nick the Sea Lion

Nick, the Sea Lion

Lizard in the Sun

Catching Some Rays

Baby Bighorn Sheep

Baby Bighorn Sheep



Lion Face

Predator Ridge

August 4, 2011

Web Art Final Project: Quiet Inspirations

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It’s nearly two in the morning and my portfolio site is ready to present for morning critique, on our last day of Web Art I. I like the overall feel of the site and am thankful that I can update it with other portfolio pieces. Watercolor paintings, carvings, jewelry, and video projects can be added later. I also plan to work on branding for Quiet Inspirations so I’ll have a site logo.

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