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May 31, 2011

Earth Laughs in Flowers ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Spring Iris

Cream Rosebud

City Park Rose

Lions, Tigers, and Bears

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Sunday was a sunny, breezy day that was perfect for visiting the Wildlife Animal Sanctuary. Where else does a camel graze with a horse?

Sunday Afternoon

Sunday Shade

Stepping on Toes

Sleeping Lioness

Bear Stroll

Camel and Pinto

Tiger Stare

White Tiger Nap

May 26, 2011

Southwest Camping

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2,250 miles of driving and temperatures ranging between 26 and 86 degrees may not seem like a vacation to some, but I loved sleeping outdoors and hearing the beat of my own drummer. A Jetboil stove in a cup and a catalytic flameless tent heater made camping fun. I had hoped to catch a photo of Shiprock beneath the May 17th full moon. The moon was clouded that night but the Shiprock sunset experience was surreal.

Sand Dunes Sunset

Pinyon Flats Campground

Newborn Bison

Campground Doe

Mesa Verde

Delicate Arch

Skyline Arch

Arches Hikers

Desert Paintbrush

Clear Creek

Bryce Canyon

Grand Canyon

Sacred Land


Mesa Verde Snow

First Morning

Bryce Depth of Field

Arches Sky

Grand Canyon Camping

Royal Gorge

Navajo Nation Flag

Green River

Cliff Palace

May 10, 2011

Project 4 (final): Beaches

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This is a Final Cut Pro installation video for spring semester’s last Video Art project. I captured the video clips and digital images in Florida and Oregon. The most exciting aspect of this project, for me, was the seagull compositing that reminds me of Toby Schachman’s Time Travellers. I learned to use the extract matte and to work with 1440 x 1080 HD 16:9 video. Printed voile fabric was used for the library study room window covering, while matching fabric was the 72″ x 54″ projection screen.

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