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April 22, 2011


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This example of datamoshing is a real-time video mirror that is currently installed in NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program space. There’s more about the Time Travellers project on Toby Schachman’s blog.

Joe Friedl is a Web Developer who created this video with Perl script that he wrote for datamoshing AVI videos. Here’s a link to the code.

German animator, motion designer, and artist, Robert Seidel, created the visuals for the 2010 Brazilian live performance, Meander.

April 14, 2011

Project 3 (Site-specific): Art in a Bucket

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My site-specific Video Art project is a selection of Avatar movie clips that are backed by the songs, “The Bioluminesence of Night” and “Becoming One with Neytiri,” from the movie soundtrack. The idea is to carry the projector, GorillaPod, and Earth Day banner (window covering) in the same white plastic pail that is turned on its side, to become the projection screen. With Earth Day approaching, I wanted to take the war out of Avatar and focus on its scenes of life.

This was my first video mapping experience. I started the project by taking still images of the bucket bottom (from the inside) and using those images as a video template. I created the three-minute project in Final Cut Pro with special effects integrated from Adobe After Effects. I like that the looping video can be viewed from the top or bottom of the plastic bucket. The translucent pail lights the darkened room to enhance the mood created by James Horner’s score. I chose a library study room as the projection site, where viewers can sit around the study table to see the video. The light from the main library filters through the blue Earth Day flag that covers the door window. Although, this project is specific to library study room 206, in concept, its portability can transfer to future projects—art in a bucket, art in a rolling suitcase, etc.—that are not site-specific.

An interesting side note to this project is that the owner of Earth Flag, a New Jersey company, offered to introduce me to John McConnell, the man who created Earth Day in 1970. John is 95 now and lives, with his wife Anna, in Denver.

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