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January 30, 2011

Photoshop Animation

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I’ve been learning how to use Adobe Flash in CS4 but I didn’t know that I could accomplish a lot of the same animations in Photoshop. One advantage of animating in Photoshop is being able to use the filter gallery. This is a 12-frame gif that has been saved for web and devices. If you click on the image, the animation should play twice in the browser.

Sand Signature

Bungee Cords


The bungee cord images are from Tobias Rehberger’s Embrace exhibit at the Denver Art Museum. I used 6 frames from a movie file to create the gif. I took advantage of the Photoshop import feature: Video Frames to Layers to create the fireworks 3-frame gif.

January 29, 2011

Big Mac

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I was searching YouTube videos for context that I could use in a Video Art project that requires appropriated files. All the videos were replaced with a “missing plug-in” message. Yikes! I have non-Intel processors in my 2004 Mac G5 PowerPC and most of the newer software only supports Intel. I’ve topped out at CS3 in Adobe software and have a new MacBook Pro to keep up with newer versions and to run Final Cut Studio. The upgrade has been an exciting transition but I still enjoy the comfort of working at “Big Mac.” I invested in more RAM—an increase from 1GB to 4GB—and decided to keep Big Mac as a digital photo powerhouse and for GarageBand compositions. I play a little guitar, piano, and recorder, so it’s fun to combine the tracks in GarageBand.

Big Mac

It took hours of searching Google and numerous uninstall/install attempts to solve the Flash Player problem, but I finally found a forum post that led me to restore defaults in Java preferences. All is well, now, and YouTube videos play in Firefox, Safari, and Netscape. To be honest, I don’t know much about Java but I’m very thankful that Donna9802 does!

January 20, 2011

Two Videos

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The first Video Art assignment for spring semester is to blog two videos. It’s no secret that I really appreciate the imagery of ink bleeding into wet paper and have watched the Sherlock Holmes movie end credits more times than I will admit. This is a brief Jake & Dan video that accompanies a tutorial for creating Danny Yount’s “ink and paper” effect.

Shinichi Maruyama takes amazing strobe photographs of ink and water. This is his video, Kusho.

January 14, 2011

Henry Moore’s Sculptures at Denver Botanic Gardens

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Twenty of Henry Moore’s sculptures are at Denver Botanic Gardens until the end of January. Since temperatures have climbed from single digits to the mid-fifties, it was a perfect day to stroll through the garden sculptures.


Orchid House

Hill Arches and Winter Trees

Oval with Points

Mother and Child

Seated Woman

Reclining Figure: Arch Leg

Textures of Water

Depth of Field

Ice Water

Large Reclining Figure

Rocky Mountain High

January 3, 2011

Christmas at Walt Disney World

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Winter Solstice at EPCOT

Disney Holiday Lights


Cinderella's Castle on Christmas Day

Christmas in Florida

Cinderella's Castle on Christmas Day

2010 Holiday Lights

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Annual Pilgrimage

Looking Up


Holiday Trees

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