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December 17, 2010

Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s “Over the River”

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This artist conversation report is the last assignment of fall semester. Tonight, a friend and I will take our annual drive through neighborhoods of holiday lights and, in four days, I’ll be traveling to Walt Disney World’s Caribbean Beach Resort. The lunar eclipse and Winter Solstice are on that day, too.

This .pdf file includes the report of the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) Denver’s Artist Conversation Series on November 5, 2010. The speaker was Christo and the topic was “Over the River,” the monumental environmental Colorado installation that is scheduled for August, 2013.

Artist Conversation Report

"Over the River" by Christo

December 16, 2010

Metal Container

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My son and I snorkeled in Okinawa a couple of years ago. I really liked looking through the mask when half of the face plate was above the water line and half was below it. That was the initial image I used as inspiration for my copper container project. Most of my classmates created a box with a lid but I decided to make a small drawer in an oval frame to emphasize the negative space. The drawer and formed whale tail are balanced so the oval container rocks back and forth. The etched patterns are abstractions of fishing nets and orchids—a reference to the Japanese practice of harvesting humpback whales. There was a harpoon in the original design that I decided to delete from the final piece.

Copper Container

Open Drawer

December 11, 2010

Color Theory “Dreamscapes”

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For a final Color Theory project, I began with a scanned signature that I put into a Flash movie, a photo of my watercolor palette, captured background music, and internet video clips of ink in water. I used Final Cut Pro’s Motion software to zoom in, on the paint palette, and then imported that file into Final Cut Pro. Per-Olev Kindgren, a Swedish classical guitarist, played his song, “Autumn,” on a YouTube video. I captured the video with Camtasia software and then extracted the audio file for the project’s background music. I used Final Cut Pro’s color key and opacity features to overlap video clips, and I timed them to the music. I really like the combination of achromatic grays with the brighter hues of the watercolor palette, and Pelle Kindgren’s guitar added richness to the final video. I’ve practiced projecting the video with a Samsung portable LED projector.

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