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November 1, 2009

YouTube Video Project

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With YouTube source videos, my class project is a compilation of titles, cross fades, reverse insert screen, and a center shift in Final Cut Pro. There are also four audio tracks: birds chirping, horse gallop, neigh, and tap guitar selection with harmonics.

I’ve had an interest in paper sculpture for decades. The research videos that I selected are cut paper stop-frame animations…and one flip book.

Jen Stark

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I considered Jen Stark as the reference artist for my final 3-D Design installation project. ¬†She’s a young artist who works, primarily, with paper and wood. Her hand-cut paper sculptures fascinate me.

Primaries Invert Jen Stark

"Primaries Invert" 12 x 12" each / card stock / 2008

Over and Out

"Over and Out" 19 x 19" / hand-cut stack of colored paper / 2008

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