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September 7, 2009

Visual Metaphor

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Music Has No Boundaries

The Beatles

ASSIGNMENT 6:  part 1

Gitam BBDO Ad Agency from Tel-Aviv created the artwork that exemplifies visual metaphor for me.  The pose of the Beatles may be familiar and, perhaps, cliché.  It certainly resembles the 1965 Rubber Soul record album cover but, upon closer inspection, the image is also a thoughtful metaphor for “Music has no boundaries,” the slogan for RAM FM (Peace Radio), a Palestinian and Israeli radio station.  RAM FM officially closed down August 7, 2008 with the final song being “Give Peace a Chance” by John Lennon.

According to Webster’s online dictionary, a metaphor is:

1 : a figure of speech in which a word or phrase literally denoting one kind of object or idea is used in place of another to suggest a likeness or analogy between them (as in drowning in money);broadly : figurative language — compare simile

The travel stamps that comprise the Beatles’ image allude to limitless travel—freedom to pass through geographic and cultural boundaries—something that peace could bring.

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